Immune system ‘bully boys’ square up to coronavirus crisis

| by Graham Hutchins

Scalable, affordable, effective. Read about TC Biopharm’s stunning progress in the Financial Times here.

“After winning approval from the UK’s Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency to treat Covid-19 patients, the privately held company hopes to start a study on up to nine people infected with the virus before the end of the year as part of the UK’s huge Recovery clinical trial.

Scientists say people with weaker or fewer T-cells may suffer much more seriously from coronavirus and that the cells could have a major influence on how long patients remain resistant to reinfection. [TCB uses donor T-cells]: One advantage to using donors is that a patient’s immune system may already be so damaged or depleted that they will not be able to supply T-cells themselves.

Angela Scott, fellow TCB founder and the company’s COO, built a manufacturing facility to reliably turn the millions of cells from a single donor into billions that could be used to treat thousands of patients. Mr Leek, CEO, says TCB can already produce T-cell doses for hundreds of pounds rather than the hundreds of thousands a tailored Car-T treatment might cost.”

NCL is extremely proud of the progress TCB is making not only from our interest as a portfolio company, but for Cancer and Covid-19 patients. Long may it continue.

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